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Five blends herbal tea

Five blends herbal tea

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Five herbal tea mixtures: Difficult to choose a particular herbal tea? Taste all the mixtures of the 5 Original Discoveries with this charming assortment box of 20 sachets of herbal tea. They may all be your favorite!

Mixing #1 with Labrador tea (Malaittuqutik): A calming and toning mixture of Labrador tea, busserole, peppermint, slussing and fennel seeds.

Mixing #2 with mulberry brum (Arpiqutik) : Subtil and reminiscent of maple, with leaves of petit-mulberry brum and roots of grid dandelions.

Mixing #3 with Juniper (Qisiqtutauyak) : A memorable delicionately, this golden recipe with Juniper helps clear up ideas. This lovely golden-colored herbal tea emits a reassuring lemon-mint scent mixed with echinacea, red clover flower, leonella and much more.

Blend #4 with black camarine (Pauranagaqutik) : The Mixture #4 has an intense color that comes from black camarine, hibiscus flower, junk berries and poppycock flowers, giving it its spicy and refreshing taste.

Mixing #5 Arctic mixture (Ukiurtatuq) : Mixing #5 gives off all the concentrated smell and flavor of the Arctic Mix.

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