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The dolls by Sylvain Rivard

The dolls by Sylvain Rivard

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InnishKuess , Yängwahi'tsa' , Irinikan , Kjok8n … Doll. Each language has a word for the doll. Does each language also have a word to describe the suffering and persecution experienced by Indigenous women? Abused for centuries such as vulge rag dolls, from Alaska to Mexico, thousands of indigenous women endure the unacceptable, disappear with indifference.

In a writing that combines poetry, mythology and history, Sylvain Rivard delves into the past to pay homage to the women of our nations, to the disappeared, but also to all those who continue to fight for justice and reparation. Unrecognized barbaric acts are finally unveiled, mythological stories about dolls, finally told.

Our sisters are not toys: they have a voice and deserve to be heard!

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