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Délice Boréal tea set

Délice Boréal tea set

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We are the Inuit of Nunavik (northern Quebec) and we have traveled this territory since immemorial times to uncover its secrets and protect its treasures. Among these treasures are extraordinary plants that brave our long and harsh winter to unpack in a glendor during the short Arctic summer season. These plants have revealed their unique properties to us. With our herbal teas, we are now excited to share with you some of our traditions. We start with the picking of some of the most sought-after wild plants on the Nunavik tundra. They are then cleaned and hand-dried in a handmade way before being transported to Montreal where they are incorporated into a clever mixture of herbs and spices to compose herbal teas with an unexpected, rich and memorable taste. Five varieties are available to you.

(Contains 7 teabags of 5 different flavors, 35 teabags in total)

Blend #1 with Labrador tea (Malaittuqutik)

Blend #2 with Cloudberry (Arpiqutik)

Blend #3 with juniper (Qisiqtutauyak)

Blend #4 with Crowberry(Pauranagaqutik)

Blend #5 Arctic Mix (Ukiurtatuq)


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