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Celle-Qui-Va by Virginie Pésemapeo Borleau

Celle-Qui-Va by Virginie Pésemapeo Borleau

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Summary: The Celle-Qui-Va album marks the first entry into the children's literary universe of the author and cree artist, Virginia Pésemapeo Borleau. She also signed every the illustrations of the book. Pésemapeo Bordelau takes young readers into a world where the supernatural is part of everyday life, where ancestral beliefs dominate. They follow the journey of a blackfoot shaman, called Cela-Qui-Va, who tries to recover a precious property that has been stolen from her: her sacred talisman, a carved bear bone. During her quest, the shaman comes up against the evil powers of Arbre-Penché, whom she seeks to defeat. The magic will never be far away and will know how to grab their attention: a man turning into an owl, invisible characters, dreamed messages.

Available in French only

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