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Cecile Bond, Director of Administration

Gail Chamberlain, Artistic and community affairs delegate

Sophie Lacombe, Philanthropic Development Advisor

Evgenia ginzburg, Administrative assistant

Christine Massé, Responsible for book-holding

Louise Senecal, CPA Hearing

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Kevin Deer

Originally from Kahnawake Moawk Territory, Ka'nahsovon Deer is the Faith keep Of the MoHawk Trail Longhhouse Located in Kahnawake for almost 40 years. Having been involved in education for 32 years, Mr. Deer obtained his degree in education at McGill University in June 1996. Throughout his career he has devoted himself to maintaining and improving the Mowawk language and culture, first in his debut in the Six Nations (Ohswe:ken) in September 1988 and then in the last 30 years, spent at the Moonawk Immersion School in Karonhian Where he progressed into successive duties as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. However, he returned to the classroom to deliver health programs in day care groups, in kindergarten and first and second year classes.

Kevin Deer is also the Acting Vice-President of the First Nations Technical Institute, where he uses his knowledge, experience and expertise to make the institution a model that can influence the world.

  • Elder, guardian of traditional teachings in the realization of the PFS mission
  • Representation activities

Félicia Tremlay

Félicia Tremblay, of Cherokee Freedmen descent, grew up in a non-Aboriginal family in the Laurentians, where the arts have always played an important role. Over the years, this consultant in inclusive strategies has followed various training courses that reflect her multiple interests (leadership, public relations, audio production), but above all she defines herself as self-taught. Since May 2021, she has been a Senior Advisor on Diversity, Inclusion and Community Outreach at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa (NAC). She is also the first person to hold this position at the NCA. "In everything I do, I constantly seek to build bridges of communication between people so that they can better understand each other," says the artist and consultant.

Marlene Hale

Nicknamed Maluh, Marlene Hale is from the small town of Smith, British Columbia, and belongs to the Wet'suwet'en community. She learned to cook from childhood and soon considered becoming a chef, which she did after graduating from the culinary program of the Vancouver Community College . In addition to having opened Chief Maluh's Catering In Vancouver, her own caterer service specializing in First Nations cuisine, she has been teaching cooking classes to people of all ages for many years and at many educational institutions, art gallery and First Nations groups across Canada. She believes that people chose her as a senior because of her experience and knowledge, but a very important criterion, according to her, is to also get involved in the various indigenous communities of Canada. "That's what I did. I taught more than 10,000 children to cook and if you call me a First Nation, I went there. I have a salmon on my chef's uniform because we are the salmon people, "she said.

  • Elder, guardian of traditional cultural knowledge
  • Representation activities

Marisa Barkhouse

Ms. Barkhouse graduated from McGill University, where she received a Bachelor of Commerce (2016) as well as a Graduate Diploma in Public Accounting (2017).
She joined EY's Transactional Advisory Services Group in 2019. Previously, she gained experience in certification and worked with clients in different industries: retail, financial services, telecommunications and manufacturing companies.

Ms. Barkhouse is a member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accounters and holds the auditing CPA title. She is also a member of the Nemgis First Nations living on Vancouver Island.

  • Financial Advisor
  • Verification

Verna Kanatsiak

Verna Kanatsiak

Biography to come